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How to Build Effective Social Media Marketing Strategy?

It is the form of digital marketing that uses social networking platforms or websites to promote a product or service. Social media marketing is the use of social media platforms to connect with your audience to build your brand, increase sales, and drive website traffic

Social media is a great source of directly communicating with your customers to increase your product awareness. It could be done by any or all of the social media channels such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google, and YouTube. Some important advantages of social media are as follows;

  • Increase product awareness and reputation means more sales.
  • Directly communicating with your customers can increase brand loyalty.
  • You can increase the number of visits to your website and rank it up in the search engine.
  • Targeting the exact audience will help you to know more about your customers’ needs.

Social Media Marketing is of Two Types -:

  • Organic marketing – social media activity in which no paid promotions exist to engage the following. It is a slow process.
  • Inorganic marketing – advertising on social media platform through paid promotions. It is a fast process.

For an effective social media marketing strategy you need to set your goals first and the goals should be -:






Key performance indicator or KPI Measurable values that can help you track your progress towards your goal. They are measurable, directional and directly related to your goal.

  1. Describe current customer
  2. Monitor the competition & it’s target audience
  3. Talk to customers, friends or strangers

Understand the journey of a customer through a process called Marketing/Sales funnel.

Awareness  ⇾  Consideration  ⇾  Purchase  ⇾  Retention  ⇾  Advocacy

Social Media Policy

It is the essential part of managing social media handles of the businesses

  1. It empowers employees
  2. Protect the brand (It’s image or goodwill)
  3. Guard against legal risks

For making this essential part of management work, one needs to -:

  1. List of social media accounts
  2. Define responsibilities
  3. Who posts on the company’s behalf
  4. Communicate responsibly in personal accounts
  5. Disclose affiliation (Who they are? And many more)
  6. Specify what’s confidential
  7. What can be shared?
  8. What cannot be shared?
  9. Industry specific policies
  10. Tone of voice
  11. Honest and polite
  12. Cite your sources
  13. No negative comment or reply
  14. Posts are permanent
  15. Dealing with conflict
  16. Who should be altered
  17. Discourage employees from reacting in conflict

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