Is Online Tutoring Jobs in India Suitable for me?

Are you interested in being an online language tutor but don’t know if it’s an excellent choice to make? You have left a 9 to 5 job as a teacher due to the Pandemic, and this online shift to teaching may seem intimidating. 

When talking about career points, you have no idea if online tutoring jobs can offer you good career opportunities or not? And if you’re looking for some extra cash while working part-time online, will it make a difference? 

The world of online learning is rapidly scaling up, with new tools, platforms, and resources coming into the picture. Teachers, be it for any language, are looked upon on these online platforms by many students globally. Here is what is expected from an online tutor.

Qualification Required for Online Tutoring Jobs

Online language tutors can generally be subject-matter experts. And, for online specifically, tutors are not expected to have a solid background in teaching. Their profession shouldn’t be restricted to teaching areas only, but proven knowledge of the subject they plan to teach. 

Teachers can come from backgrounds; no certification is required for the same. However, if they prove they have ample knowledge and experience in the subject, that is sufficient to enrol yourself as a tutor on an online tutoring jobs platform.

What Skills Sets are for Online Tutoring Jobs?

Online teaching and classroom teaching differs vividly! And for both, tutors need to possess a different set of skills since there is in-person meeting and only an online mode to communicate and interact. 

Do you think you have the skills to make your online tutoring jobs fun and engaging? As the internet brings distraction, only a skilled teacher can keep the students hooked on to the session without making them feel tired, lazy and uninterested. 

  • Active listening
  • Convincing skills
  • Creative
  • Handling students of around the globe
  • Instructing
  • Reading comprehension
  • Tech-driven
  • Speaking clearly
  • Learning strategies

Should I be Tech-Driven to be an Online Teacher?

You, as an online language tutor, only have to possess basic knowledge of using a device, connecting earphones, managing microphones, webcam video and more. Plus, you have to know how to use PowerPoint, share screens, create Excel sheets, use word documents and something similar. 

Only having basic knowledge of operating a computer or laptop is enough to take an online class. Online tutoring jobs require you to be familiar with tools, so you can also do a little research on handling devices and making the most of your teaching session.


Your online tutoring jobs should not limit to only teaching students. You have to find new ways and means to make the session fun, exciting and keep students on their toes throughout the session. 

Knowing the right teaching strategies will allow students to grasp better knowledge from you. By now, you are aware of what is expected from you in online tutoring jobs, so do you feel you are a good fit? If yes, immediately consider pursuing a career in this field and make the most of it!

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