Can I Become an Online English Tutor Without a Degree?

Is it possible to become an English language tutor online without a degree? You want to explore your career in tutoring platforms, but you aren’t sure if you can pursue it. You hold a lot of experience in the language or as a native speaker. 

But, you are still unsure if tutoring platforms will hire you based on your experience and not your certificate. There may be many doubts you have, and you need answers. 

Suppose you are desperate to kickstart your career online. Since you’re passionate about the language, you want to teach students with your skills. Here is everything you should know if you are willing to enroll as a tutor online.

Is it Possible to Teach Online with no Degree? 

You may be bothered by this very question, and you have no idea what is expected of you? Yes, it is possible to become a tutor and teach on tutoring platforms without a certificate or degree. Again, having a degree is always a plus point since it helps you stand out. The best way to become an online English tutor is to showcase relevant experience, skills qualifications. 

Specialized Certificate

If you are willing to do a short certificate course, you can continue looking out for some best ones. Specialized certificate courses allow you to kickstart your job role as an English tutor in no time. 

You can show the certification to the tutoring platform; it adds the right skill to teach in the virtual classroom. Some general TEFL/TESOL certifications can work in favor of you. Along with that, you can think of other specialized courses too to become a private English teacher.

Get the Right Experience

If you don’t have prior experience as an online English tutor, you may face difficulties enrolling in the tutoring platforms. Plus, you don’t have records of your skill and expertise in English. 

Start building expertise in the same to make your resume worth it. You can start writing English blogs, showcasing your vocabulary, grammar presence, etc. Or, you can create a demo video lecture discussing any topic in English. 

Get Professional Development

Suppose you want to continue and grow as a private English teacher. The first thing to look for is, getting your professional development. It would help if you stood out as a tutor, and for that, it is essential to present yourself professionally. 

One of the easiest ways for professional development is taking short courses. Not certificate courses but English courses that are professional and renowned. These courses are temporary and typically take  2 to 4 sessions to complete! For finding opportunities to teach online, you need to be out of the box and creative. 


Now that you know, you can kickstart your career as an online tutor without a degree. What is keeping you on hold? Grab your smart device, research good-rated online tutoring platforms.

 Find out what qualification or skill is required to enroll. And, make sure you develop relevant skills, experience, and demo lectures to bring a difference to your resume! 

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